Risk Marshal is one of the leading independent risk management firms. Our depth of knowledge and innovative solutions provide our wide variety of clients with comprehensive cost effective yet flexible risk management programs for their specific needs. In the ever changing business and insurance environment let Risk Marshal’s team of professionals guide you through these changes so you can lead a stress free and secured life.

Our mission is to provide timely innovative risk solutions so our clients strategic goals can be met.

We stand ready to provide it's significant resources to keep you ahead of the curve.


Why Choose Us


Professional Marketing Skills
We will design the specifications for each client's insurance project after using non-standard or manuscript endorsement language. This way, our clients obtain a better insurance policy than what they would get "off of the shelf." Further, since the same specifications are used by each insurer, it is easier to make a true comparison of bid proposals.

Negotiation Skills

Many coverage enhancements are free, but you have to know about them and ask for them. Others are nominal in cost, but are sold, if possible, at inflated premium cost. Consultants are able to request free coverage and, in most cases, improve coverage and reduce cost.

Closing Statement

We have attempted to point out several flaws inherent in the insurance industry and in its delivery of products and services. We at Risk Marshal seek to illuminate for our clients the various ways and means to transfer unmanageable exposures in order to achieve greater preservation of your assets and limit outside liability at a low net cost.

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