1. What to do if a vehicle met with an accident outside the area / city / state from where policy is issued?
If you know the toll free number of the Insurance Company intimate the occurrence accident to the insurance company and act on the advice of the company.
If you donít know the contact no. of insurance Company confirm It the insurance company is having any office at the place where accident took place. If there is local office of the company intimate the claim to the company.
If some how you are unable to contact the insurance company or it the accident took place in odd hours / holiday arrange the photographs of vehicle on the spot of accident.
If the loss is major (say more than INR 50,000/-) and there is third party damage / loss / Injury / death etc., lodge FIR / Police report immediately.

2. If you are not having enough money to repair the vehicle! What to do?
The insurance companies have tie ups with dealers of the vehicles for providing cashless facility to the insured after the approval of the insurance company.

3. What is cash less facility and what is the benefit of cash less facility?
Cashless facility means settlement of claims on cashless basis where the insured has to pay only deprecation amount of the total amount of claim passed / sanctioned by the surveyor/ Authorized person of the insurance company.

4. What to do if the vehicle is stolen?
If a vehicle is stolen, the first step is to lodge the FIR / Police Report and get a copy of police report for lodging the insurance claim with the insurance company.

5. In what conditions / Situations Claim could be rejected / denied by the insurance company?
Claim could be denied by the insurance companies in case the driving license of the driver driving the vehicle at the time of accident is non-genuine / fake.

6. When a vehicle is treated as total loss?
When the repair cost of the vehicle exceeds 75 % of the Insured Declared Value (IDV), it will be constructed as a total loss only.

7. If a vehicle is extensively damaged and the insured does not want to retain and get the vehicle repaired. What could be done?
If the vehicle is extensively / badly damaged and could not come under total loss conditions, the insured can request to the insurance company for the settlement of claim on total loss basis but this is the prerogative of insurance company to settle it on total loss basis or not (This is applicable only in case of private general insurance companies).

8. If the public sector company from where vehicle is insured is not having any office at place of accident?
If the vehicle is insured by the public sector insurance company and the company from where the vehicle is insured is not having any local office at or near the place of accident you could contact any other local public sector company and the spot survey could be arranged by the surveyor deputed by that insurance company.

9. Is it necessary to lodge police report in every case of commercial vehicle accident?
If there is no third party loss / damage it is advisable to contact the local insurance office for arranging spot survey of the accidental vehicle or lodge an FIR / Police Report and if there is third party loss / injury / death, it is necessary to lodge the FIR / Police Report.

10. If a vehicle met with an accident outside the local area / city / state of insurance policy issuance office. Is possible to get the vehicle repaired from the place where the accident has occurred?
Yes, by intimating to the local insurance office, the vehicle could be repaired from that place and all the Bills / Cash memos to be deposited to either policy issuance office or local office in original. (Kindly retain photocopies of Bills / cash memos with you).

11. If a vehicle is stolen and recovered on recovery it is observed that the vehicle is damaged and few item from vehicle such as CNG / LPG Kit / Alternator / Carburetor /Battery etc. are missing. What to do ?
If a vehicle is stolen and an FIR is lodged by the insured with the police authorities.
Later insured got a call from police authorities that the vehicle is recovered.

When the insured visited police station / other place to get his stolen vehicle back, the first thing the insured has to do is to inspect the vehicle properly before getting vehicle released from authorities.
Please inspect that weather accessories attached to the vehicle such as Gas Kit / Music System , Battery/ Alternator / Tyres / Extra Tyre / Tool Kit etc are intact or not.
It any thing is missing or vehicle outer / Inner body is damaged kindly intimate to the police authority.
Before getting delivery report / FIR from police authorities please make sure that the missing items / damaged items are mentioned in FIR report because the final / delivery / FIR report plays important roles in these types of cases.

12. If a music system or any other item installed in the vehicle is stolen. What steps to be taken?
Immediately lodge the FIR / Police report and after that inform the insurance company regarding the mishap. Donít touch / replace any item under an authorize person of the company inspect the vehicle and after taking the consent of the insurance company the things should be replaced / repaired.

13. If a vehicle met with an accident in night at an isolated place and you leave the vehicle at the spot of accident. In the morning, when you visit the spot of accident, you found that few items of the vehicles such as Tyre / stereo / battery etc. are stolen. What should be taken?
In this case to lodge a police report / FIR is must. In FIR, complete mishap / accident details along with details of items missing from the vehicle should be mentioned